Road Warrior

Pack my crap in the car. Fill up the tank. Head out.

Stop in Wendover at that Chevron station for bathroom and fill up. Avoid the one gas pump that won't take a debit card. Grab a 5 Hour Energy (pink lemonade ONLY) if absolutely necessary.


Stop in Elko at the Sinclair for bathroom break. Miss the step when coming out of the store and fall on the sidewalk.


Stop in Winnemucca at the Flying J for gas and bathroom break. Drive through the McDonald's for a cheeseburger with bacon. 

Back on the road. 

Arrive in Sparks, hug the girl and pet her dogs. 

Each time I make the trip, this is pretty much the pattern. (Except for the falling. I only did that once. But in my defense I was looking at the big, new, yellow scratch and dent on the front bumper of my car and wondering just where in the heck I did that at? and if I really was the one responsible. Next thing I knew I was on the ground and some nice man was calling me "Ma'am" and asking me if I was alright as he pulled me up off the concrete.)

I'm spending a couple days out here with Daughter #1. People ask me how she is doing. I tell them the truth: crappy. She is sad and empty. Just as you would expect when someone loses their sweetheart. People ask how I'm doing. I tell them the truth: I've been better. I feel for my kid. 

We watch The Great British Baking Show while I am here. Actually, she watches The Great British Baking Show whether I'm here or not. It's her jam right now. It's wild times with baking judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Barry (real names, honest).

Last Sunday I took Addie, Claire, and Ruby for a walk in the park. We collected fuzzy weeds; gathered shattered glass pieces that looked like diamonds; discovered a rusted bolt; picked long, dried sticks; and saw two grasshoppers "hugging" in the middle of the path. We also ran into lil' Jack, Van, and Violet, who had found a snake and were anxious to take it home to their mother. (How'd that turn out, Whitney?)

Miles the dog just had his seventh birthday. Seventh... I am faced with the fact I still have a long way to go with him.  Charlie, on the other hand, has made himself a second home with Bruce and Maria across the street. He spies a small opening in their door and slips in to inspect their house, mop-lick the kitchen floor, have a snack, a drink of water, and a nap. No wonder he is in such a hurry to escape our house. 

Sadly, the pool is closed for the year. The leaves are turning. I am starting to collect wood for Forest the wood stove. Grandma's Halloween party is on the calendar. Thankfully mankind has not screwed up the earth enough to do away with the seasons. 

Oh, and Christmas will be in a couple weeks. 

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