Star Doughs

So Amazon—not the river—had this great little homepage special for Star Wars' delights. How could I resist the vintage print wall clock? Megan called me one day and told me she had the revelation that she had been raised by a nerd. And most certainly she is well versed in Star Wars and Star Trek, as well as most significant musicals. I may have skipped many important parental responsibilities, but I did cover the basics of sci-fi.

While in Sparks I made bread. I asked that my sourdough starter be brought back with Nathaniel, Katelynn, and Luke who had stayed at our Elk Ridge house for a few days. Megan made the observation that I like to keep things alive—plants, children, animals—and as of late, sourdough starter. The jar of living bacteria made the trip across the desert and after I retrieved it, I gave it a shot of flour and water a few times and it (I have yet to name "it") got busy and bubbly. Once It was ready I pulled out Megan's attractive, yet inferior, KitchenAid mixer, and made a loaf of delightful sourdough. The miracle of sourdough bread is that it is all of three ingredients: flour, water, and salt. That's it. You can add other things if you want to get fancy, but really, in its basic form, there are just three ingredients.

After conjuring up a loaf I discovered something important: Megan loves my sourdough bread. The girl is not all that much into eating lately given her stomach is so close in proximity to her broken heart, but Mama's bread can break through. I feel a sense of satisfaction knowing I have the power to tempt her to eat. Trust me, people, it isn't easy.

Since I was away from home for a total of 44 days out of the past two months, a few strange things happened. One being the tomato plants in the back yard. They morphed into red pumpkin plants, belching out some tomatoes the size of your head.

Also, Hook, the hanging ivy plant, gave up the ghost and died. Probably because it missed me. The rest of the 30-some-odd plants lived, so Hook was the weak link and deserved to die. If you are a plant and can't live up to my expectations, you might as well wither and expire. Unless you're sourdough starter. Then I will pamper and feed you to the bitter end.

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