Nailed It

I wanted a new bedside table. I know that the husband would not appreciate my spending any $$ for a new bedside table, so I threw the Wayfair catalog away instead of continuing to look over the “bedroom furniture” section; and closed the tab on the “bedroom furniture” page on (I’m nothing if not thorough). It was time to get creative. 

When my parents died I inherited a 5’ wooden stepladder. To be fair there were other things they left me, not just a stepladder. It wasn’t, “Good bye, sweetheart. Here's an old stepladder to remember us by.” But this is a great stepladder. It’s old and covered with chipped paint—very shabby chic—flat out wonderful. So I had this idea to do a little deconstructing and transform it into a unique bedside table. I suppose I have spent too much time looking at HGTV and Pinterest boards. Add to that a chop saw from Tadd, and a nail gun from Amazon, and you have a crazy woman in the garage flanked by two sawhorses.

Fast forward a couple hours later, and add some old beat-up pieces of wood I had hiding in the recesses of the garage, and viola! bedside table. And I didn't even shoot myself in the hand with the nail gun, or cut off a finger! Now I just need to “age” the industrial clip-on light, and we have a sight fit for Vintage Road Show. 

Saturday I had Josh and Ryan here to help me put the yard to bed. I set them to work with a list and a small bit of guidance, and they crossed it all off in a couple hours. We broke partway for pizza, and then I let Josh drive the golf cart when it was time to take them home. I feel extremely blessed to have the Crippen family in my grasp. They are good, good boys with great, great parents. There is an awful lot of work done around here because of them. 

Because they are good workers, I ended up with a butt-load of junk. Enter my neighbor, Bruce, and his blessed truck. The boys packed it full, and Bruce drove me to the dump. I’ll tell you what, getting rid of a bunch of trash like that feels like losing 50 lbs. It’s a wonderful feeling. 

Tomorrow, Vine and Branches Music (aka Onna, Sherelda, and Sue’s music writing venture), is having a meeting to prepare for a presentation to a stake Relief Society presidency Thursday night. We have to sell them on our You Are Enough fireside. I’m pretty sure it’s an easy sell. We are amazing.

Then, later this month, we are participating in our ward’s Relief Society talent night. We will try and wow the audience with a new song and an already-written beauty. The thing is, this audience already loves us, so even if we threw a rotten piece of crap song at them, they would still think it was spectacular. Ah, the beauty of biased friends.

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