"What If?"

I’m not a big proponent of wasting emotional energy on things I cannot change. I haven’t always been this way. When I was a young mother and didn’t know any better, I worried plenty. “What if a kid strays from the church, what will I do?” “What if one of the girls has to get a divorce?” “What if Jack loses his job?” “What if we have to move?” “What if one of our kids dies before we do?” “What if I get called to the nursery? Or Relief Society President? AGGHH!!” What if? What if? What if?

Well, guess what? Kids strayed from the church. One of the kids got a divorce. Jack changed jobs. We moved. We buried Jim. I served in the nursery plenty, and did a stint as a RS pres. Funny thing, my worrying about those things didn’t change the fact they happened, nor did the worry make me better or less prepared for them. 

I could “think” about them occasionally and adjust habits accordingly. “I will give family home evening/scriptures/family prayer more attention in hopes the girls will stay active in the church,” or, “I choose to believe in Jack. If he changes jobs, I know he will still take care of us,” or, “I’ll try and stay close to the Lord so if something hard happens, I will be able to stay on my feet.” And so on. 

But fretting over something that hasn’t happened, or may never happen, just seems like waste of energy to me. And throwing tantrums over something that has happened that I cannot change really seems like a squandering of brain power. 

Case in point, the riots over our new president-elect. 

I’m not here to say who I voted for. At this juncture it really doesn’t matter. The deal is done and cannot be changed. I hear of these riots and I think, “Seriously? Burning flags and yelling in the streets is going to cause Donald to say, ‘Oh, you’re not happy with me? Okay, I’ll step down and let Hillary be president instead.’”

What is wrong with people? 

The die is cast. The election is over. The votes have been counted. IT’S DONE. Now, what will we do from here? Continue to stomp our feet in the streets like a jilted toddler? Or try to be a good American and make a difference in our own communities? And if it’s to be President Trump, let’s appeal to a Higher Power to help influence our president to make good decisions. 

We have had great presidents in the past. We have had horrible presidents in the past. And guess what? We are still standing. America is a tough lady. She can take it. 

And what if, by some happy chance, Donald does a good job? It could happen. I have hope it could. Let’s give the guy the benefit of the doubt.

As a mom I hold on to hope. Never try and take hope away from me. I cling to it like Gorilla Glue. If you take hope away, I shrivel up and die. I have hope that everything is going to work out okay. Call me silly, “pie in the sky,” naive. I don't care. I will keep hope in my pocket. It’s how I keep getting out of bed in the morning. 

In my foolish little mind I think it will all be fine in the end. None of us were sent here to fail. Everyone has potential. Even if you can’t see a shred of it in them, trust me, it is there. And life experiences can reveal that potential as time moves on. So why worry? Why waste emotional energy on “What ifs”? I prefer to spend my energy on the Right Nows. Trust me….the Right Nows are taxing enough.

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