“God does watch over us and does notice us, but it usually through someone else that He meets our needs.” 
         -President Spencer W. Kimball

The past few weeks have revealed to me the best in people.  During a period of ridiculous political shenanigans, I have been shielding from the insanity by the actions and words of pure souls. I’ve been the recipient of kindness, concern, hugs, treats, money, lunches, movie dates, phone calls, walks, listening ears, firm hugs, and genuine inquiries as to my well-being and that of my eldest daughter.

First of all, I have been so humbled by, and grateful for, the love that has been directed at Megan from her sisters. Oh sure, they love her, but the past few months have revealed a new level of sisterly affection. It assures me that when Jack and I move on to the Great Beyond, the girls will take care of each other and their families when needs arise. 

Then I need look no further than outside my door to see the friends who keep me and mine in their thoughts and prayers. And I know on Megan's end there are similar good people tending to her. An abundance of text messages, emails, voice mails, visits, and notes speak volumes to our aching hearts.

Yes, this world is a mess. Yes, there are many individuals who do bad things to others—and enjoy it—but in my little world there are no such demons. I am surrounded by the best of the best, in my own family, and in my extended family of acquaintances. One might say I am blessed—way beyond good sense. 


Grandma’s Halloween Party came off without a hitch. Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin, Witch Hunt, Floating Ghost, Eyeball in the Spoon Relay, “Don’t Eat Frankenstein!”, Crystal Ball Candy Guessing Game, Double-Trouble Card Matching, Swamp Water and Evil Treats, and so on. In attendance we had a ladybug, Pikachu, monster, two witches, a skeleton, Princess Elena, Rey and Kylo Ren, and a stormtrooper. Today’s pop culture was well represented. 

When the party wrapped up, the stormtrooper, Kylo, Rey, and Pikachu asked to drive around the neighbor shooting bad guys. So we opened up the sun roof on faithful Mara the Sequoia, and the kids stood up in it and raked the neighborhood, freeing us from criminals, villains, and intergalactic delinquents. 

Today marks 36 years of wedded bliss with the Husband. Yes, 36 years ago he crossed his fingers and took the plunge with me. Gotta hand it to him for bravery.