(WARNING: Religious Rant Ahead. Proceed with Caution)

In 1 Nephi 10:13, Lehi tells his family that the Lord wants them to go to the “land of promise” being “led with one accord.” What is the meaning of accord in 1838 when the Book of Mormon was translated? It means to be in agreement and harmony; to consent and have a concurrence of options or will. 

Unfortunately, Lehi’s kids didn’t all go “with one accord,” even though they did go.

In the book of Moroni, chapter 10, verse 7, we are told that the Lord works by the power of the Holy Ghost “according to the faith of the children of men.”

Can this according and the former accord have the same meaning? “According” to Webster, yes, they do (duh), and when put in this context, we come out with the idea that the Holy Ghost can work in our lives if we are in agreement and harmony with God, and consenting to His will. (Again, duh)

As Lehi and his family were “led with one accord” across the ocean to the Americas, we too can be led through this life by the Holy Ghost, “according” to our faith in, and compliance to, our Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ.

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