(WARNING: Religious Reflection Ahead.)

I realized something the other day: Our Father in Heaven is a God of addition. 

From what I have observed, Heavenly Father is always trying to add something to us. No matter where we are, what we believe, don’t believe, or what we are doing, God is trying to make us more than what we presently are. Even if we have no idea who He is, or do know of Him, but have no intentions of obeying Him, He is reaching out to us and trying to teach us—add to us. Never does God ignore us or give up on us. He believes in our potential, even if we have no idea that we have any. 

And because of our spiritual DNA, we as His children are always trying to be more and do more, whether we acknowledge it or not. We are beings that have the desire to create, obtain, improve, and grow. Even on days we stay in our pajamas and mold in front of a television or computer, we don’t live in stasis. We are not designed that way. Every day we inch towards being more than we were yesterday. This growth, or “addition,” may be so small it’s imperceptible, but it’s happening nonetheless. 

I don’t do math. It is not in my wheelhouse; but I do know the principle of addition when it comes to God’s children. It happens every day, to every one of us, and it’s all because of our heavenly Parentage.  

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