My Poor Sunday School Class...

each week I subject them to my ideas and interpretations of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Oh sure, I back up my thoughts with scriptures and the words of the prophets, but overall my 16-18 year olds are my captives for 40 minutes and I take advantage of the time I have them in my clutches.

There are three things—directives—I am trying to beat into them this year: 1) Gain a strong testimony of Jesus Christ. Do that and you are on the road to good things. Life will make more sense and you will have the strength to withstand the crap thrown at you.  He is the Beginning and the End. He is the Answer and the Way. He is Everything.

2) If you have doubts and questions about the gospel or the church, ask God—your Father in Heaven—not Google. Look to the right source for your answers. You will have questions and doubts throughout your life—there is nothing wrong with that—the problem lies in WHERE you look for answers. Joe Somebody who lives in his parent's basements and spends his days cruising the internet is not the best source for doctrinal answers, and neither is the professor who uses his large brain to pick apart the Mormon church. Faith does not fit in a tidy box. God's ways are not man's, and we don't have the intelligence to understand everything gospel related. Bottom line: God is a lot smarter than we are, and it's plain arrogance to think we know better than He does.

3) Keep promises. In our day a person's word means squat. This is why we have attorneys and the court system. (Oh for the days when your word was your bond.) When you make it to the temple, it's all about covenants. We promise this, and God promises that. His promises are pretty awesome and worth seeking. He always keeps His end of the deal. ALWAYS. We are required to do the same. When we make temple covenants, we don't sign documents, we just say "yes." That's it. I tell my Sunday School kids that if you practice keeping your promises now, then the temple covenants you make in the future will be easier to keep.

Last week I asked them what the three class directives were this year, and they gave me blank looks. Apparently I'm not doing my job very well. Thank goodness I have these kids in my grasp for seven more months.